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Tour of American Museum of Natural History (4 Hours Tour)
The guide will meet you by the main entrance of the museum.
The tour will be conducted by a Russian speaking guide.

The Tour will be customized based on individual preferences. Here you will visit various fossil halls where the replicas of Dinosaurs and extinct mammals will amaze you. You will learn about evolution, wild life, archaeological discoveries and much, much more! This is a great Museum for families with children.

Tickets are extra.


The American Museum of Natural History (abbreviated as AMNH), is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world. Located in park-like grounds across the street from Central Park, the museum complex contains 27 interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library. The museum collections contain over 32 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, and human cultural artifacts, of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any given time. The Museum has a full-time scientific staff of 225, sponsors over 120 special field expeditions each year, and averages about five million visits annually.

The Museum boasts habitat dioramas of African, Asian and North American mammals, a full-size model of a Blue Whale suspended in the Hall of Ocean Life, sponsored by the family of Paul Milstein (reopened in 2003), a 62 foot (19 m) Haida carved and painted war canoe from the Pacific Northwest, a massive 31 ton piece of the Cape York meteorite, and the Star of India, one of the largest star sapphires in the world. The circuit of an entire floor is devoted to vertebrate evolution.

The Museum has extensive anthropological collections: Asian People, Pacific People, Man in Africa, American Indian collections, general Native American collections, and collections from Mexico and Central America.

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